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A Season of Change
Mental Health

A Season of Change

By Sandra Worlow, LCSW, Director of EAP & Community Behavioral Health
Posted: September 29, 2020

Fall is in the air, and it is a glorious feeling! I love the fresh brisk feeling of the cooler weather and the beauty of the leaves beginning to change their colors. As I begin my new journey with Methodist EAP and the Living Well Network, I feel as though I am a leaf with a beautiful change in my life! I am excited as I begin my new position as the Director of EAP and Community Behavioral Health.

Please let me introduce myself! I am originally from Northeast Arkansas and moved to Memphis in October 2016. I have lived in Memphis on two previous occasions for graduate school and employment. I am a graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, and the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Memphis Branch, where I earned my Master of Science in Social Work. I am licensed as a Clinical/Certified Social Worker in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Having worked in the social work field since 1994, I guess you could say that I am seasoned!

Personally, I am the mother of three amazing daughters and three fur babies! I began walking in the evenings with my middle daughter in mid-April shortly after the pandemic began. I am of the firm belief these evening walks with my daughter are what have helped to keep me “sane” during this ongoing pandemic. As my daughter and I walk her neighborhood, we keep our conversation to a minimum and enjoy the quietness of our time together.

In addition to my role as the Director of our EAP, I am beginning the process of exploring avenues for the expansion of community behavioral health services based on the mental health concerns identified in the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment. For the first time in the history of the assessment, the concern regarding the lack of availability of mental and behavioral health services in the Memphis community outweighed physical health concerns, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


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According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is the single largest contributor to non-fatal health loss. Physical health and mental health go hand-in-hand, and a deficit in either area has a tremendous impact on one’s ability to function at home, work or in their community.

There are many individuals and families in our community who do not have access to, or are unable to afford, behavioral health services. Being able to provide services to those individuals and families will be at the forefront of expansion of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare’s behavioral health footprint in the community.

Our EAP office has seen a tremendous increase in our call volume over the past six months by people seeking mental health assistance during this time of uncertainty. As the crisis continues with no defined end in sight, people are struggling in their daily lives and seeking guidance, reassurance and resources.

Please remember that the Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an easily accessible source of support during this time of uncertainty. The EAP services are easier to access and utilize at this time due to all services being rendered via telehealth.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 901-683-5658 and inquire as to how we can best be of service to you and/or your family members.

At this time, EAP is only offering telehealth visits.

Sandra Worlow

Sandra Worlow, LCSW

Director of EAP & Community Behavioral Health

Sandra received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Arkansas State University and her Master of Science degree in Social Work from University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Memphis Branch. She is a Licensed Clinical/Certified Social Worker in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Sandra is originally from Northeast Arkansas and has worked in a variety of settings in the MidSouth area as both an administrator and as a clinician.  n her spare time, she enjoys walks with her daughter, reading and travel.

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LWN connects people to behavioral health resources, educates people about mental health and advocates for more communication and resources for mental health.

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