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Disconnect to Reconnect
Mental Health

Disconnect to Reconnect

By Alice Hiatt, LCSW, Counselor
Posted: April 27, 2021

How long do you think you could go without your phone? One or two days?

How long do you think you could go without using social media? One or two days? A week?

Why is it so hard to disconnect from our phone?

Well, we use our phone for communicating with friends, family, social media, checking the weather app, mobile banking, etc. We can even use our phone to work or connect for counseling appointments.

Many of my clients talk to me about how social media can influence our ways of thinking. At times, we can compare ourselves to others on social media which can lead to ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Please see the April E-News for further explanation. I remind my clients (and myself) that the pictures that are posted on social media are the best pictures with the best looking filters.

Are you ready to have more boundaries with your phone and social media? Below are some tips to decrease use of your phone:

  1. Turn off notifications for non-essential apps.
  2. Turn on a timer for your social media use
  3. Pick a day of the week to go social media free
  4. Follow only those that add value to your life
  5. Turn phone on do-not-disturb at night
  6. Become self-aware by tracking the time spent on social media.
  7. Put the phone down

Ok, so you have put the phone down. Now what?

What are you supposed to do with so much time not looking at social media?

Here are a few suggestions, instead of picking up the phone:

  1. Go outside
  2. Exercise
  3. Organize
  4. Cook/bake
  5. Play games
  6. Spend quality time with a friend or loved one
  7. Practice self-care


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So do you think you can decrease your social media use? You can!

Here are some benefits to decreasing use.

  1. Increase free time and productivity
  2. Ability to focus (turn off the notifications)
  3. Improve self-esteem (no more ANTS)
  4. Being in the present moment and connecting to the real world
  5. Improve sleep
  6. Decrease stress
  7. Increase activity

If you want further assistance in decreasing your social media use contact Methodist Employee Assistance Program (901) 863-5658.

All sessions are being conducted via telehealth due to the pandemic.


Alice Hiatt, LCSW


Alice Hiatt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has experience working with clients with anxiety, depression and crisis situations. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Mississippi.  Alice is a native Memphian who began her career in Memphis at Youth Villages working with children who have severe emotional and behavioral problems. She has worked as a mobile crisis specialist working with clients experiencing mental health crises. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her dog on walks, reading, and going to concerts.