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Giving Thanks
General Wellness

Giving Thanks

By Your Health Staff
Posted: November 22, 2021

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of togetherness. While our current Thanksgiving gatherings don’t quite look like they used to, there are still so many reasons to be thankful. And at its core, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks – a time to spread gratitude and appreciation to those who have touched our lives.

Here at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, we are so grateful for our patients who inspire us with their strength and grace. And for our caregivers and team members that continue to give hope, lift spirits and spread compassion day after day.

In celebration, we would like to share a few quotes from our patients who were so grateful for the comfort, support and individually focused care they received at Methodist – they had to give thanks: 

“Thank you. Two words that mean a thousand things. It’s being forever grateful, forever thankful and forever prayerful that you are a part of my life.”

- Vance Stacks, Three-time cancer survivor

“How do you thank a hero? There’s so much you do quietly behind the scenes – you work tirelessly for your patients as well as the community.”

- Betty Parker, COVID-19 patient 

“I don’t know if I would’ve made it without the support of the staff. You took time, when you had no time, to care for me.”

- Jessica Whitmire, Pancreas transplant recipient

“When people are proud of their job, you can feel it. You cared for me with abundant patience, compassion and kindness.”

- Donna Barton, Oncology patient

“With each appointment and interaction, you treated me like family and took care of me. The time that we spent together changed my life.”

- Terrell Sellers, Sickle cell patient

“When I needed more time, you gave it to me. You are a miracle team. Thank you.”

- Jimmy Eubanks, Cardiology patient  

“Afib can be a very scary thing, but you gave me comfort and confidence. You were so very compassionate, knowledgeable and caring. That meant so much to me.”

- Joyce Adkins, Cardiology patient

“I’ve never been so scared, but you put my mind at ease. Your quick response saved my life. Because of you, I can watch my kids grow up.”

- Maggie Lewis, Thankful mother

“You never allowed me to become fearful. Not even for a second because you were with me every step of the way. Thank you.”

- Angela Baker, Cardiology patient

“You were my information center, inspiration to stay positive and the best caregiver I could’ve asked for.”

- DJ, Cardiology patient

“Now, my health issues are a whole lot smaller, and my heart is a lot happier. I am so grateful for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and the care you gave me.”

- Bob Leopold, Bone marrow transplant recipient

“I was treated with care and I felt the care from everyone. I truly love you all for your support. Thank you.”

- Lashawnda Sampson, Cancer survivor


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