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Methodist Le Bonheur  Healthcare Welcomes Visitors for Most Patients
General Wellness

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Welcomes Visitors for Most Patients

By Your Health Staff
Posted: March 25, 2022

Your wellbeing is always our top priority at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, and throughout the pandemic, we have made decisions with a focus on keeping you safe. When COVID-19 was more active in our community that meant restricting visitation. Now, as new COVID-19 admissions and case numbers reach the lowest point in nearly two years, we are once again able to more fully embrace the healing power of family at the bedside. For most patients across our system, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, that means patients will be allowed to have more visitors. Being able to welcome visitors in this way marks a significant milestone as case numbers have decreased throughout the Mid-South.

Open Visitation – What it Means for You

All Methodist Le Bonheur locations are now open to unrestricted visitors for most patients. This change, which took effect on March 23, 2022, means that you or a loved one can continue receiving excellent care while the people who matter most to you remain by your side.

Your safety remains our highest priority, so all visitors must wear a medical-grade mask at all times while in our facilities, even when alone with a loved one in a hospital room. We also ask that you stay in the patient’s room as much as possible and comply with social distancing guidelines. Visitors who are sick or have a compromised immune system or pulmonary complications should not visit.

At times, we may need to limit the number of visitors in a patient's room out of medical necessity, as determined by the care team.


Our experts are continually tracking the threat of COVID-19 and are still exercising necessary precautions. Here are a few exceptions to the updated visitor policy:

Emergency Departments at Our Adult Hospitals – To allow for social distancing, we are limiting visitation to two visitors for each patient while in the waiting room. Additional visitors are allowed once the patient is placed in an ED room, as space allows.

Le Bonheur Emergency Department – At Le Bonheur, ED waiting rooms are also limited to two visitors for each patient. Once the patient is placed in an ED room, two adults will be allowed at one time, though they can switch out as needed. When necessary, the family may also bring minor siblings, and they will be allowed to stay in waiting rooms and ED rooms.

COVID Precautions –For everyone’s safety, COVID-positive patients and patients with COVID symptoms may not have visitors. We are able to make some compassion exceptions, such as for COVID patients in active labor. When an exception is made to allow a visitor with a COVID patient, we will ask you to wear an isolation gown, gloves and N95 respiratory mask.

Patients who have no COVID symptoms but who are awaiting the results of a routine COVID test may have visitors.


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Continued Care

We will continue to monitor COVID trends closely and follow the most up-to-date scientific evidence regarding safety practices. To protect your safety, we may return to more restricted visitation if there is a change in pandemic conditions.

Visit the online COVID-19 Resource Center for more information.