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When Working Out is Fun and Games: Adult Fitness Fun in the 901

When Working Out is Fun and Games: Adult Fitness Fun in the 901

By Your Health Staff
Posted: May 1, 2024

If regular workouts aren’t your thing, it can be challenging to find a fitness routine that works for you. And, as we know, exercise isn’t all fun and games. 

But … what if it were?

Studies show that when physical activities are perceived as fun (say, taking a nature walk vs. walking to burn calories), we’re a lot more likely to incorporate those activities into our long-term routine.

One study even shows that the more fun we have while moving, the less likely we are to “reward” ourselves with a high-calorie snack after the fact. Food for thought, no?

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month (yes, there really is a month for everything!), and to celebrate, Healthier 901 is highlighting six Memphis-based fitness opportunities that may help you get moving in a new way.

“Beyond improvements in body composition and vital health stats such as blood pressure and resting heart rate, engaging in new physical activities can help us develop and hone new skillsets, expand the range of wellness options available to us and—when the activity is deemed pleasurable by the doer—directly impact our willingness and desire to stick with it,” said Shartondra Armour, a nurse practitioner at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.


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Memphis-Based Fitness Opportunities

Check out these local recreational sports leagues, nature walks, free classes and more, and you might just find that perfect fitness vibe you’ve been looking for. Then join the Healthier 901 movement

1. The Memphis Parks Athletic Department

Looking for fitness fun in a league of its own? The Memphis Parks Athletic Department offers a host of recreational league opportunities for kids of all ages, including adult kickball every spring and, coming this fall, co-ed softball, basketball, soccer, co-ed volleyball, flag football (how fun is that) and even adult knockerball, for fans of bubble soccer and laughing through every game. Learn more about recreational league play here, including registration dates, season dates and program fees.

2. Pickleball

Pickleball more your jam? Or maybe you haven’t tried it yet. In a nutshell—pickleball combines ping pong paddles, a tennis net, a badminton court and a plastic wiffle-style ball to create a sport that’s great fun for all ages. Find out where you can play pickleball in your neighborhood (or, if wiffle ball was the best part of this blurb for you, follow the Memphis Wiffle community on Facebook to scope out the local wiffle ball scene!).

3. Yoga on the River

Seeking something a bit more introspective? Try Yoga on the River on for size! Downtown Memphis offers a FREE one-hour yoga class on Tuesday evenings from 6-7 p.m at the River Garden, 51 Riverside Drive. All experience levels are welcome—just bring water, a mat and an open mind.

4. Walking

If walking is your preferred path to wellness, the Overton Park Conservancy offers a host of awesome opportunities to meet up outdoors. From their FREE weekly Wednesday Walks and monthly Morning Mindfulness Walks to their monthly Nature 101 walks and Third Thursday Treks, Overton Park makes it easy to walk and connect with others—and with nature—at whatever time works best for you. Check out the full list of spring offerings under “Upcoming Events”.

5. Keep it Cool at the Y

For folks dreaming of keeping it cool in the pool all summer, the Y of Memphis and the Mid-South have nine different pool locations.

6. Fitness Classes

And if the notion of a neighborhood “class pass” gets your toes tapping, you might be amazed (and overjoyed?) to learn that our Memphis Public Libraries offer loads of complimentary fitness classes, from aerobics and Zumba to line dancing (!) and chair yoga. You can also take full advantage of free neighborhood workouts through Shelby Cares—a community-wide campaign to help Memphians get moving again.


Join the Movement!

So what are you waiting for? A world of fun fitness opportunities awaits! And while some of these movements may not be your style, others might be just the ticket to wherever you want to go.

For additional support on your journey, join the Healthier 901 movement and take advantage of free online resources, from our built-in weight, nutrition and fitness trackers to discount gym memberships and our complimentary catalog of workouts on-demand. We got you—and you’ve got this!